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We mutually agree on Cost and Method.  Our work is done based primarily on deliverables and stages of the completeness of them.  However, there are times where services don't fit into a deliverable beyond consultancy and for that reason I also offer Time and Material pricing.

Estimate duration with discount based on total project schedule as agreed upon.  With this model we agree to the value of each project deliverable and may have varied discounts or incentives applied to the work to be performed.
Time & Material
Rate:  $150/hour for unplanned work.
Block rate discounts:  Over 40 hours 10%; Over 170 hours 20% Over 2,000 hours 30% discount.  Note, blocks must be used 1 year from purchase.
Travel & Material Expenses:
ust be approved in advance you.  All expenses will be only those supported by actual receipts.  There will be a customary 10% up charge for processing and handling.
Billing Schedule:
Typically 10% upon agreement to work together and high-level deliverables Identified, 50% for each deliverable upon completion of prototype, and 100% of payment at end of project.

For example:  Project of 5 deliverables at $1,000 each, for a total estimate of $5,000. At completion of Plan and Estimate $500 is due, at sprint 1, 2 deliverables are prototyped and 1 complete, so due is $1,500, at the end of sprint 3, the previous 2 proto type are complete and the remaining 2 are prototyped, you would be billed $1,000 bringing the total paid to $4,000, at the end of sprint 4 all are complete and accepted your final bill is $1,000.  Total paid for project is $500, $1,500, $1,000, and $1,000 for $5,000 total.
Deliverables Based Pricing
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